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Founded in 1952 in Barcelona, Spain, Compak has been a company at the forefront of coffee grinder innovation for its entire existence. Incorporating emerging technology into its grinders, Compak has made a name for itself around the world for its forward-thinking grinder designs.

Leading the way in powerful grinders for home espresso enthusiasts and smaller coffee carts are Compak’s K3 Touch Advanced and K3 Push grinders. What they lack in complexity they make up for in usability. They’re fast, precise, and great entry-level grinders for prosumers and low-volume settings.

With a bit more power and speed come the E8, with its visual smooth stepless grind collar; the F8, outfitted with an simple, fast, and precise stepless side-mounted grind knob; and the K8 Silenzio, an extraordinarily quiet grinder with excellent internals. These powerful machines are great fits for cafes of medium volume.

The apex of the Compak grinder range are the conical burr Master grinders. Coming in both doser and doserless models, these grinders are the fastest, most precise, and most powerful grinders created by the company. The masters can produce 7g of coffee in just 1.6 seconds, which is some of the fastest grinding technology currently available.

For example, the K10 Master Conic has a full aluminum doser that automatically refills to give you a constant flow of fresh grounds. The F10 Master Conic OD’s innovative grind setting knob is fast to use and amazingly precise. And the E10 Master Conic and the K10 Master Conic are not disappointments either.

Whether you’re a prosumer home barista or the manager of a high volume cafe, you’ll find the right grinder for you among the Compak range.

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