EAZYTAMP 5Star Pro Black Handle #3

The 5 Star Pro - Flat - Black Handle #3 is comprised of:


  • two stainless steel flanges (bases) - one flat compression base (default 7.5mm thick) and one star-shaped levelling base 
  • black handle #1 - this handle is suited to all hand sizes and has been designed with the arc of the thumb in mind to a provide a comfortable place to grip
  • two springs (one calibrated) 


Each tamper comes complete with a:


  • cleaning bag
  • 15kg spring (inside the tamper) and 10kg spring (red in colour)

EAZYTAMP 5Star Pro Black Handle #3

HK$950.00 Regular Price
HK$807.50Sale Price
  • Australian Made


    5 STAR PRO

    What is the 5 Star Pro?

    The Eazytamp 5 Star Pro is the world's first spring-loaded levelling coffee tamper that controls 3 variables that influence the quality of espresso coffee when tamping:

    • tamping level
    • tamping with consistent pressure
    • depth of tamping

    Unlike stationary coffee tampers, the 5 Star Pro makes it easy to tamp ground coffee by removing these variables from the coffee-making process.   There are no other tools needed to assist with tamping coffee – the 5 Star Pro does everything for you, making them the perfect tamper for your busy cafe environment. We have developed varying shapes to suit your personal preference. We also provide a choice of bases types - flat or infusion.

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