Sigma 6 On Demand Espresso Grinder

Sigma 6 On Demand Espresso Grinder




SIGMA-6 On-Demand Coffee Grinder


 -Heavy Duty cast Aluminum body.

-Temperature and humidity display function

-burr replacement reminder after 600kg grinding

-Convenient 3-button touch panel with easy setting system

-Durable and unbreakable hopper with transparent and clear finishing.

-Food grade hardened tooling steel grindstones made in Italy for 600kg grinding life -Precise and reliable hardware and PCBA designed and made in Korea

-Step-less adjustment for accurate grinding

- optional colors: Black Red Silver and white

-(S): On-Off control


Technical Specification:


-Weight: 15Kg

-Size: 620mm(H)**210mm*360mm -Grinding stones diameter: 64mm (flat type) -Bean Hopper capacity: 1.6Kg.

-Grinding capacity: 9~12Kg/hour

-Grinding speed(Espresso type): 3.5gr/Sec. -Electric Power: 350watt.